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You can customise your character and your Javelin in Anthem

Anthem character creator

Anthem is less about who you are than the Javelin you fly in. While the co-op shooter will have a character creator in the style of previous Bioware games, most of your customisation will be sunk into the exo-suit you tailor to your playstyle.

Player personalisation is a focus for the studio, executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed on Twitter late last night. But the dev team want to provide a wealth of customisation options for your Javelin, rather than your character.

The news follows an appearance from Anthem at EA Play that revealed some of the distinctions between the game’s Javelins. A new gameplay trailer showed players flying chunky, mech-like suits, alongside others in slimline Iron Man numbers. All looked to be jet-powered and highly maneuverable in the air, despite their varying weights.

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The suits are not only your chance to make a personalised mark on this untamed world, but double as a class system. At E3, Bioware mentioned four specifically: the Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor. Each one has its own set of strengths and abilities, and you can switch over between missions.

Stick around to read more about Anthem’s Javelins, as well their heat management system, and the fact that Anthem has a release date now. It’s all getting very real.