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Anthem’s closed alpha starts next weekend - here’s how to get in

Sign-ups for the Anthem closed beta are live

November 29, 2018 You can now sign up for the Anthem closed beta.

Anthem is out in a handful of months, and we’ve still got an array of alphas, betas, and demos to see before then. The closed alpha is coming up first, and will last only a single weekend starting on December 8. This looks to be a pretty limited chance to play the game, divied up into small sessions and only available to a small selection of players.

You’ll need to sign up by the end of December 3. The registration process will have you select a platform and the time slots you want to play in. Two three-hour sessions are available each day. The first starts at 9:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT, and the second begins at 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST / midnight GMT. The same two time slots will be available on both December 8 and 9.

To sign up, you’ll need to head to the official website. There are a limited number of spots available, though you can sign up for a waitlist if you miss out – but there’s no guarantee you’ll get access if you’re on the secondary list. If you do make it in, you’ll have the chance to pre-load ahead of your sessions.

The alpha will be subject to a fairly strict NDA. While it’s likely some details will slip out regardless, don’t expect a wealth of new footage as you count the days until the Anthem release date.

This closed alpha is entirely separate from the Anthem demo, which will be widely available for pre-orders and Origin Access members. BioWare and EA have continually referred to Anthem’s alphas and betas in plural form, so you can expect more sessions like this in the future – likely without all the same restrictions.