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Anthem is Bioware’s co-op open-world where everyone’s Iron Man

Anthem gameplay

BioWare’s new IP looks nothing like anything they’ve made before. Anthem is a huge open-world, action-RPG, where co-op players can team up to take on a variety of monsters that are threatening human civilization. 

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Rather than the classes of traditional RPGs, Anthem appears to change your abilities through the use of Javelins – mech suits that are basically Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour, but amped up to 1000. Each suit is equipped with different weapons and abilities to make each have a different approach to the game.

The world looks incredibly detailed and unthinkably vast. The trailer shows players zooming around a forest before driving into a river and seeing how absurdly deep the water trench below is. Before heading out into the world, though, the player character explores the shanty town-like area that is probably the last bastion of humankind, defended by ‘The Wall’ as seen in the first teaser trailer. It seems like, when you’re in the town, you’ll be in first-person, with a more Bethesda-like approach to talking to NPCs.

With dynamic weather and emergent wildlife and ecosystems, this is clearly BioWare’s most advanced game, and certainly the most technically accomplished of the games shown off at E3 so far. There’s a while to wait – Anthem won’t release until autumn 2018 – but we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this one.