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Anthem will not have PvP

Anthem co-op team

Anthem, EA’s big bet on the epic hobby game, will not have player-versus-player multiplayer. That’s a big difference from its key rivals, Destiny and The Division, which have both had a PvP mode in all their releases so far (though there’s a lot we don’t yet know about The Division 2).

We’ve learned a lot about Anthem at E3 2018, and to be fair, it’s pretty difficult to see how a PvP mode makes much sense in the game’s setting so far. All player characters appear to be huddled together in a hub named Fort Tarsus, protecting themselves from the hostility of a world in constant flux. It all looks very communitarian, and it’s not clear what the excuse might be to start killing each other.

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The news comes via Game Informer, which published a video interview of 123 rapid-fire questions with executive producer Mark Darrah during EA’s conference.

It’s an interesting move by BioWare, which seems to be positioning Anthem as the most story-rich of the big hobby games. Clearly this will limit its appeal among competitive types, but extend it toward traditional RPG fans.

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Anthem will release on February 22, 2019 – a month earlier than the March release we last heard. Perhaps EA are keen to move it ahead of The Division 2?