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Anthem launches, servers crash

Day one of a big new multiplayer game and the servers are struggling

anthem fort tarsis

February 15, 2019 Even after two demos, Anthem servers are rocky on day one.

Anthem is live for members of EA’s subscription service – except, perhaps predictably, it isn’t. The influx of early players, like with so many major online games before, has brought servers crashing down. EA says it’s on the issue, and the developers are “working to address it as fast as we can.”

Those who started very early have been able to get in – in preparation for our coverage, Rich managed to complete the first two missions after a partial pre-load, before the game kicked him out to finish downloading. Once back in the main menu, the game would no longer reconnect because the servers were down.

The Anthem release date technically doesn’t hit for another week, but EA’s offering early access via its subscription services. If you’re in on the basic version of Origin Access, you can play a 10 hour trial of the full game. If you’re on the pricier Origin Access Premier plan, you can play as much as you want without restrictions. In either case, your progress will carry over to a full version of Anthem.

Server status on the official site says ‘all servers are online for early access,’ though there’s a note that “We understand some of you are having issues connecting to game servers right now and we’re working to address it as fast as we can.”

The EA help account’s tweet on the issue came a short time ago, and as of this post there’s yet to be an official update.

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Anthem went through similar server issues during both of its demo periods, though they were mostly worked out by the end of the second. Hopefully there’s a speedy recovery here.