Anthem livestream – Join us as we play Iron Man Online

Anthem is finally out. Well, kinda. The confusing launch schedule for Bioware’s co-op shooter means you can play from today if you have Origin Access or Origin Premiere. Without them, you’ll have to wait until February 22.

But that may be no bad thing: this is a brand new venture for Bioware – a multiplayer RPG – and so you may want to see what other people think of the game before diving in yourself. Other people like us, for example.

So why not join us as we explore the first sections of Anthem in our livestream. Matt’s strapping into a Javelin, acting akin to a rubbish Tony Stark, while Caroline is acting as his Friday. Yup, it’s all getting a bit Iron Man here.

If you want to join in, all you need to do is head over to, or take a look at our Facebook page. Or, to make things even easier, just press play on the big box above.

For more on Anthem, be sure to explore, where we’ve got plenty of guides ready to help you on your new adventure.