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Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer reveals Ash’s abilities

The Titanfall 2 character returns in Apex Legends: Escape

The next Apex Legends character, Ash, a cyborg woman holding a sword

October 25, 2021 The latest Apex Legends trailer has revealed Ash’s abilities.

Respawn is continuing to deepen the ties between Apex Legends and Titanfall, offering a bit of solace to fans of the original series – or pouring salt in the wounds of everyone desperate for Titanfall 3, depending on your perspective. The new Apex Legends season will introduce Titanfall 2’s Ash as the game’s next legend, and a fresh gameplay trailer and official site update have revealed what to expect from her abilities.

Ash’s tactical is Arc Snare, which lays a trap that’ll damage and tether the first enemy who gets too close. Her passive is Marked For Death, which shows the location of recent deathboxes on the map, and will mark surviving attackers.

Her ultimate is Phase Breach, which opens a one-way portal to a targeted location. In the trailer, we see her use this ability to cross a massive vertical distance. We will get more specific details on the new season, Escape, when the patch notes land “later this week“.


We’re also getting the C.A.R. SMG as part of this update, another Titanfall throwback. The trailer reveals that it will be able to switch between light and heavy ammo.

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Ash first appeared in Titanfall 2 as the one who rips the batteries out of the BT-7274 Titan that you end up piloting throughout the game. She’s killed – well, ‘killed’ – in the course of that game, but was reconstructed in cyborg form as part of the Apex Legends’ Broken Ghost event, and in lore is serving as the host of the Arenas mode. The recent teaser trailer suggests that Ash is now suffering some sort of war of personalities.


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Apex Legends: Escape is set to launch on November 2. If you’re looking for more battle royale games to check out in the meantime, you can follow that link.