Apex Legends’ Dummies Big Day mode cut short due to game-breaking glitch

No word on when the mode will return.

Apex Legends' Rampart and Kuben Blisk

Respawn has taken Apex Legends‘ Dummies Big Day limited-time mode out of the rotation for the September Soiree event. After it launched last night, a game-breaking glitch was swiftly discovered that was causing games to crash. There’s currently no word on when it’ll return.

“We’re hitting pause on the party,” the developer shares on Twitter. “After Dummies Big Day went live, we discovered a bug that caused server crashes if a player AFKed on character select. For the health of the game and our players, we’re turning it off and working on a fix with details to come as we have them.”

The way the Dummies Big Day mode works is simple. Instead of picking one of the usual Legends, you select one of the dummies from the firing range instead. All of them have the same abilities, so the fun of the game mode comes from how sharp you are with a weapon rather than your grasp on a Legend’s ability. You also run around as a big dummy, so there’s a lot of novelty value, too, clearly.

The September Soiree kicked off last night and will hang about until October 5. The plan is that each week will come with a different limited-time mode. Given the event kicked off on a Tuesday, we can expect to see a new game mode on that day each week.

Now that you can pick between the Legends again, you can check out our Apex Legends characters guide for some inspiration on who to pick out the bunch. We also have an Apex Legends weapons guide, so even if you are a dummy, you’ll still know what to arm yourself with.