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Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree event brings you seven game modes in 14 days

Charleston your way to being a champion in this new Apex Legends event

It’s time for a party in Apex Legends. Players are being invited to attend the Grand Soirée Arcade Event from January 14 to 28. The battle royale game’s event requires you to don your finest skins – attacking other dinner guests is still welcome.

The dress code is, of course, “formal skins”, which here means the new Art Deco-inspired outfits and cosmetics making their way to the game this month. The celebration takes place in the form of new modes every two days. Armed and Dangerous, being a recognisable name amongst the list, as well as some new extras.

Over the two weeks, a new mode will appear every two days, which makes seven modes in total. Of course, previously mentioned Armed and Dangerous is among them, but there’s also another mode to get excited about – Dummie’s Big Day mode. Great name but we have no idea what that is. Each mode will have three challenges connected, which in total will add up to a total of 1,000 points.

These are the Grand Soirée arcade events:

  • January 14 – Gold Rush Duos
  • January 16 – Live.Die.Live
  • January 18 – Third Person Mode
  • January 20 – Always Be Closing
  • January 22 – Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge
  • January 24 – Kings Canyon After Dark
  • January 26 – Dummie’s Big Day

During this Fortnite of events, there will be a bonus scoring weekend. From January 17, 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT to January 20, 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT, players will have the opportunity to grab more event-specific rewards through challenges. In total, they are worth 500 points.

Along with more rewards, this update also includes the event reward track. This gives players even more rewards in a variety of ways to earn them. Complete these to earn arcade points and extras.

And finally, players will be able to directly purchase the new Art Deco-inspired cosmetics “at a $5 price point”. There are six new legendary skins also in the core loot pool, which will be craftable or available through Apex Packs.