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Apex Legends map: loot spots, Hot Zones and Respawn Beacons across Kings Canyon

Whether you're looking for Kings Canyon’s best towns to land in or a supply ship, our Apex Legends map guide will help you

Apex legends map drop ship team

Apex Legends’ map is one of the more disarming battlefields we’ve come across in the battle royale genre. From swampy marshlands to harsh desserts, Kings Canyon feels notably more compact and varied in appearance than others within the battle royale genre. The scale of it all is offset by the sheer pace at which the games moves, too. Respawn has a well-earned reputation for strong movement thanks to Titanfall’s wall-running and parkour antics and its well on show here, as Legends zip and slide across Apex Legends’ map with joyous abandon.

Because of the game’s pace, it can be easy to rush past the many points of interest that make up Kings Canyon. Supply drops, hot spots, and respawn points litter the Apex Legends map. And the Supply Ship offers good loot but follows a random path across the map at the start of a match.

Knowing how to take advantage of these points of interest best is crucial to earning champion status. So that’s where we come in: our Apex Legends map guide will tell you all you need to know about Kings Canyons biggest secrets so you’ll be better equipped to clutch that elusive win. We’ll also toss you a few of the best loot spots to drop into alongside information on which zones are the most fruitful to pillage. We’re nice like that.

Apex Legends map:

Apex legends map

Apex Legends Supply Ships

When launching into Kings Canyon, the first thing to decide is if you want to storm the Supply Ship. The ship travels across your map in real-time and its destination is marked by a blue outline of the vessel.

Storming the ship guarantees high-tier loot if you can make it out alive – this is always going to be a busy spot, after all – which will set you up nicely for the game ahead. Because you can see where the ship will land you can also judge its flight path so sticking an on-ship landing should be relatively straightforward.

Alternatively, you can touch down where the ship is due to land and pillage a town near that for supplies. Then, once the ship has docked, you can try and finish off any team weakened from their airborne scrap. If you’re lucky and there’s not a soul to be found, enjoy your free loot.

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Apex Legends Hot Zones

Another random quirk of the Apex Legend map is Hot Zones. At the start of every match, you’ll notice that one town has a blue ring around it. That means that it has high-tier loot and the chance of a fully kitted-out weapon drop.

As ever, bring loot and they will come: heading for these spots is a high risk strategy as you’ll inevitably join plenty of other Legends competing for the best pickups. But if you and your team are confident enough, then it can prove a useful baptism of fire and a chance for you to nab some solid gear from the off.

Loot Tier Zones Map to alleviate drop master anxiety from apexlegends

Best loot spots in Apex Legends

Every town you’ll come across in Kings Canyon is rated by loot level. When you first enter a town the message of “low-tier” will appear in grey, mid-tier in blue, or high-tier in purple to let you know the quality of loot you can snag there.

Note, however, that high-tier zones only have a chance of yielding higher quality guns and armour: it’s not guaranteed. Also, a town’s loot value may also change if it’s randomly selected as the Hot Zone or if the Supply Ship lands nearby.

Typically, higher tier towns are spread on the outskirts of the map with mid and low-tier areas more common at the centre. To explain that visually, Redditor Mawu3n4 has put together a map with colour-coding which you can see above. My team typically likes to land in The Pit as Bunker and Runoff are nearby – which both offer high-tier loot, also.

Apex Legends Supply Drops

When making your way through Apex Legends’ map keep an eye out for a blue ripple on the screen: that means a Supply Drop is about to land.

Not only do they wield good weapons, but they’re also the only way you can get your hands on rare Apex Legends weapons the Mastiff shotgun and the Kraber.50 CAL sniper rifle. Trust us, these are boomsticks you want: they can both pump out over 200 in damage – enough to sink a Legend with full armour in one shot.

Apex legends map respawn beacon

Apex Legends Respawn Beacons

Unlike other battle royale games, in Apex Legends, death isn’t the end. Should you perish, your squad can pick up your tag from your loot crate and recall you from one of the maps many Respawn Beacons dotted across Kings Canyon.

These handy devices are marked as green, diamond-shaped icons on your minimap, or as smaller green dots on the main map. Thankfully they’re plentiful so you shouldn’t have to sprint too far to find one. They’re also fixed in position so you’ll soon be familiar with their locations without relying on the Apex Legends map.

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So there you go, the Apex Legends map detailed in full. There are a few variables such as the Supply Ship flight path and the Hot Zone activation spots, but everything else is pretty consistent, so you should find yourself familiar with Kings Canyon in no time. There’s more where that came from, too: if you’re looking for some more handy advice to get you started, then our Apex Legends tips guide is here, too. From deserts laced with the bones of massive beasts of prey to military bases hidden in swamplands, Kings Canyon is a dystopian playground that promises endless hours of high-octane action, and we wish you the best of luck in your bid to become its champion.