Apex Legends’ Season 7 battle pass can now be levelled up quicker

"We think we missed the mark with the first iteration"

Apex Legends' Pathfinder and Horizon

Apex Legends players do not care for the Season 7 battle pass. Since the new season kicked off earlier this week, the battle royale game’s subreddit has been awash with feedback that the new progression is noticeably slow. Some of the posts are tongue-in-cheek, with one pointing out that it took them five Daily Challenges, 20,000 XP, three top-five finishes, and one win with eight kills to hit the second level of the battle pass. Other posts delve deeper into the maths behind it to reveal how slow the progression is.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has been quick to take action, revealing several changes on Twitter alongside the thinking behind its design decision. The required experience for each star has shrunk to 5,000 from 10,000. Respawn also says that starting from next week your Weekly Challenges “will take much less time to complete”.

As for the thinking behind the battle pass change, the developer said it wanted to make it engaging for the entirety of the season, and inspire players to try different Legends and playstyles (the studio clearly hasn’t met the game’s Wraith population). “We think we missed the mark with the first iteration,” Respawn says. “So hopefully these changes help out.”

While things are swifter, the reaction on the game’s subreddit seems to be that it’s still not quite enough. Someone has created a post to curate feedback, and the overriding thought is that, despite the changes, the speed of progression is still much slower than last season.

I doubt this will be the last change to the game’s battle pass that we’ll see, but we’ll need to wait to find out. In the meantime, though, if you’re diving in, then we’ve whipped up Apex Legends characters and Apex Legends weapons guides to help you hit those wins. It sounds like you’ll need ’em.