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Free Steam keys: We’re giving away 10,000 multiplayer beta codes for Aquanox Deep Descent!

Aquanox Deep Descent

The Earth’s surface is now inhabitable. That means you have no choice but to start a life underwater. At least, that’s the case if you intend on playing first-person vehicular shooter Aquanox Deep Descent

You’d think that the humans who have managed to survive life underwater in Aquanox’s world would get on. Nah. They’re having a war over the limited resources left for them. Of course they are. That sets the game’s central conflict: you join a faction at one of the underwater settlements and battle for it in order to keep living.

Luckily, you’re one a highly-trained pilot capable of driving one of the many customisable ships in the game. You can outfit them with ship pieces and various weapons ranging fromtorpedoes, mortars, and mines too – make sure your aim is straight when you do use them.

You’ll also want to explore Aquanox’s sea world to find resources, mine them, and trade them to improve your ship. But there’s more to the game than fierce battles and looting as it has an epic story to follow, which you can either experience alone, or bring up to three other players along for the ride in drop-in cooperative play. That said, there’s also PvP with the usual deathmatch modes for you to dominate.

As with any game, Aquanox’s mutiplayer needs testing before it’s fully released. This is where you come in. Below, we have 10,000 codes up for grabs that will let you into Aquanox’s multiplayer beta. All you have to do is complete one of the actions in the widget below and you’ll receive your key – unless they’re all gone, of course.

Aquanox Deep Descent giveaway