Ara: History Untold looks like the next Civilization style TBS

A new challenger to Civilization's crown as the daddy of historical 4X games was unveiled at Microsoft's Xbox showcase today - step up Ara History Untold

Looking for another Civilization challenger after Humankind? You might just have found it. Ara: History Untold is a new historical turn-based strategy game from Ashes of the Singularity creator Oxide Games, and was just announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at Summer Game Fest.

In a trailer narrated by the unmistakeable voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo, which you can view below, the game’s focus on history and, more specifically, alternate history is made clear: “What about the history that could have been, if you were its architect? How would you reshape the world? What new stories would you tell?”

These are the intriguing questions the trailer poses as the camera flies through a number of historical mashups, such as Egyptian Pyramids under construction on a snowbound plain. Sadly we don’t see any gameplay in the trailer, but there are a few pre-alpha screenshots available on the official website, where you can also sign up for an insider programme right now. The site explains that your goal is to “build a nation and lead your people throughout history to the pinnacles of human achievement as you explore new lands, develop arts and culture, conduct diplomacy, and go head-to head with your rivals to prove you are the greatest ruler ever known.”


You can check out the announcement trailer here:

YouTube Thumbnail

The devs promise “both familiar and innovative gameplay mechanics”, an “evolution in historical grand strategy with no preset paths to victory”. In a dynamic living world, each citizen has a unique story, and at least three civs with historical leaders are confirmed: Nefertiti for the Egyptians, Sappho for the Greeks, and Washington for the United States.

A Steam release is confirmed, as well as Xbox/PC Game Pass. Microsoft said at the top of the stream that all games in its showcase today will be releasing in the next 12 months.