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Strike from the shadows with Aragami’s stealth-action on October 4

Aragami Logo

Announced at this year’s Tokyo Games Show, undead ninja simulation Aragami is coming to PC early next month. The game casts you as the titular Aragami, a ninja raised from death by a mysterious spirit who is then tasked with throat slicing his way through the citadel of Kyûryu.

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As you aren’t just any normal ninja but a zombie ninja, Aragami has been given some new powers to help him sneak around and murder folk. The spirit, named Yamiko, bestowed the ability to control shadows which is incredibly helpful when you are sneaking past a group named the Army of Light.

With these powers, Aragami can literally throw shade at people, blinding them for a short period and allowing you sneak up for a quick stab. You can also summon dragons made of shadow to chomp down on an unsuspecting guard and create portals to suck enemies into some sort of shadow realm.

The trailer shows Aragami putting all of his new skills to work and if you are a fan of stealth games and/or grisly murder, Aragami may be just what you are looking for. You can check out the official Aragami site for more details and get your knives sharpened for October 4.