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Trip the light refracted in newly released laser puzzler Archaica: The Path of Light


Play enough videogames and you’re bound to stumble on something like Archaica: The Path Of Light as a minigame or puzzle as part of a larger game. There’s a laser beam coming out of point A, and you have to manipulate a series of mirrors and prisms in order to make sure the beam reaches points B, C, and D. What sets Archaica apart – the debut title of new indie studio Two Mammoths – is its gorgeous presentation, as you can see for yourself in the trailer above.

Welcoming Two Mammoths to the scene, Archaica is rubbing shoulders with some PC indie greats.

The result of three years of development, you can see where the time and money went into Archaica. The environments are positively lush and decently varied, adding a sense of place to the otherwise abstract puzzle mechanics. The soundtrack seems pleasant as well, ideal to instill a sense of peace and tranquility to stop you from bashing your head against your desk after getting stuck horribly on a puzzle, as I am wont to do.

The game boasts a good amount of content, with puzzles spanning six worlds, with 28 different puzzle pieces introduced over the course of them. The developers estimate the game to be between eight and 16 hours long, depending on how much time you spend completing optional objectives and finding hidden levels, most of which seem to tie into the overarching plot of the game.

While there aren’t many reviews yet, it’s noteworthy that every Steam comment on the game thus-far has been positive. While self-selecting in nature (if you want a laser puzzle, you’ll buy a laser puzzle especially if it looks this nice), it should be some indicator that it’s tickling the fancies of its target market.

Archaica: The Path of Light is out now on Steam for £11, with a 10% launch discount at the time of writing