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Fairies and The Returned are still coming to ArcheAge


Things are changing in the world of ArcheAge, and creator Jake Song is here to walk you through them. Most importantly: you'll see a lot more updates in the future as the game starts pushing them out monthly, and there's (finally) news of Fairies and The Returned.

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Song has spent some time away from ArcheAge working on other projects, but it looks like his return last year (as executive producer) has kicked the game into a new gear. He explains the team are preparing for “many changes in the future”, such as releasing a monthly update – as opposed to the current schedule of three to six months – and a new equipment system to mitigate gear disparity.

On Fairies and The Returned – which were first announced as future playable races way back in 2013 – Song says there are still plans to add them, but “it may not be so soon.”


“I do plan to introduce these two new races as a mid-long term goal,” Song says. “Creating a new race requires various development resources. Currently the dev team has a lot of tasks [which take] priority.

“Before adding new content we must consider if it is harmonious with the existing content and features. This is what makes the process difficult and slows development.” The same applies to a number of new zones which are also in development.

ArcheAge has just got its 4.5 update. It is free to play.