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ArcheAge’s Devouring Depths update is now ready to dive into

ArcheAge leviathan

Trion World’s fantasy pirate MMO ArcheAge has just received a mighty update in its port: the Devouring Depths. A whole new zone awaits, and there’s a distinctly watery vibe to it all. What’s more, there’s something big lurking beneath the waves…

The colossal legendary sea-beast Leviathan swims in ArcheAge’s oceans, and is the world boss for AcheAge’s Devouring Depths update. The ugly brute may be the biggest challenge, but there’s plenty more to do other than stab monsters. The new Miroir Tundra zone has spots for some relaxing ice fishing, and the Arcadian Sea is filled with wrecked ships to reap endless rewards from.

The patch has been applied to the game already, so set sail for ArcheAge now to take part in the Leviathan events and explore the new zone.