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Trion lower ArcheAge subscription price after community kerfuffle

ArcheAge: circumventing disaster.

Our Nick’s has been rocked by changing winds while writing his ArcheAge review in progress – alternating between prime piracy anecdotes and sunk server woes. But a different issue has been bothering the game’s European community since the MMO’s Western release a week ago.

ArcheAge’s subscription option had been priced higher than expected – a mistake Trion World have blamed on a “misunderstanding on our side” and subsequently corrected.

ArcheAge is free-to-play, but buyers of its monthly Patron package enjoy a 10% XP bonus, faster labour and much more besides.

Before release, Trion had mentioned in a livestream that Patron prices in GBP would match those in Rift, the studio’s other MMO. But by the time ArcheAge was out, that price had risen about 20%.

“This weekend we promised to look into what happened there and get back to you,” Trion told Videogamer. “I’m happy to say that we spotted where the miscommunication was, which will help us do better in future assurances.

“In the meanwhile, we’d like to put our money where our mouth is. We’re making a price adjustment that brings reality in line with our previous assurance.”

A one month Patron package will now cost £8.99, with three month and six month options priced at £23.97 and £41.94. Players on automatically renewing plans will pay the reduced price as soon as their “existing cycle” ends.

“We definitely do apologize for the misunderstanding on our side that led to justifiable confusion out in the world,” said Trion. “Thanks very much for catching this!”

It rather looks like a misspoken word to the community has cost Trion a small slice of their future income. But good on them for sticking to that utterance, eh?