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Arenanet tease new IP with future city concept art


It would seem that Arenanet are working on something new, something quite unlike Guild Wars 2.

A piece of artwork submitted by Arenanet’s art director, Daniel Dociu, to this year’s Into the Pixel competition is taken from an unannounced game project but it’s very clearly something quite separate from their other games.

The Into the Pixel competition celebrates concept artists working in the games industry. Open to active professionals around the world, it draws entries from the biggest developers – Bungie, Blizzard, Arenanet – right down to small indie studios (one of this year’s winners is Bastion developer Supergiant).

The artwork submitted has to be the product of a game’s development and not simply a private piece. For instance, one of this year’s winners is Nathan ‘Bagel’ Stapley for his piece from the Double Fine Adventure Game, Broken Age.

The reason that Duciu’s piece stands out from the other winners is that the title of the game the artwork is drawn from is simply labelled as “Unannounced”. It looks as though Arenanet have taken the opportunity to tease a new game project.


There’s little we can glean about the game from the artwork. It looks to be a near future metropolis, akin to an Asian city that’s been given the Bladerunner treatment. Though the buildings are impossibly tall, stretching far up into the sky, passing between a highrise roadway – there’s something of the Fifth Element to the city’s scale and layering.

This is certainly not an expansion to Guild Wars 2.

Check out the rest of the artwork on the Into the Pixel homepage.

Cheers, Awesome-Robo.