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Arizona Sunshine is HTC Vive’s first virtual reality zombie game

Arizona Sunshine

Well this was inevitable. Everyone loves a good zombie game, and VR seems the perfect platform for scaring the bejeesus out of people. Slam the two together, and you get a zombie outbreak survival shooter, beamed straight into your eyes. It’s called Arizona Sunshine, and it’s the work of Dutch indie Vertigo Games.

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Arizona Sunshine is described as ‘room-scale’, which presumably means it will take full advantage of HTC Vive’s ability to track a player’s movement through 3D space. Basically, to run away from the zombies, you’ll have to actually run away. 

You’ll need to “bash, slash and explode your way through hordes of undead close enough to touch,” using “motion-controlled weapon handling that will have you anticipate attacks, carefully manage your ammo and consumables, and aim down the sights.” Quite the physical experience, then. 

The game will be split into ‘bite-sized chunks’, making it sound a something perhaps a bit like Time Crisis or other arcade shooters. Presumably this is to make sure you can easily come out of the experience if VR is all a bit too much for you. 

It’s a bit early for a release date yet, but follow the team on Steam or the Arizona Sunshine website.

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Tovias avatarboniek83 avatarMrAptronym avatar
Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Fuck me, I thought it said Vivec for a second.

boniek83 Avatar
3 Years ago

What a shitty trailer.

MrAptronym Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't like a good zombie game. Not anymore. I am just kind of done with zombies. I have been for years. I cannot get myself excited about anything zombie related these days.


On top of that, the blinking in the trailer is really jarring. I blink, I don't need the game also assisting me there. There wasn't really much to the trailer while I wasn't recovering from the random blackouts, nothing really. Maybe its more impressive in VR? Also, whatever paradigm of website design we are currently in? The one that website is a member of? Its terrible.


Basically I am a hateful old curmudgeon. The game doesn't seem bad, its just it doesn't seem anything.