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Ark: Survival Evolved is leaving Early Access soon


Ark: Survival Evolved will soon be leaving Early Access and headed to retail shelves later this year on August 8. 

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The zany dino-laden multiplayer game is releasing with two different collector’s editions including a special $100 “Explorer’s Edition” with a season pass that includes Ark’s Scorched Earth expansion and two additional expansions in the future dated for later this year and one in 2018.

Further, the $160 “Limited Collector’s Edition” comes with the game, free content, the season pass, an Explorer’s Notebook with creatore dossiers, a necklace, map of the island, a soundtrack, and a poster featuring the Wildcard development team. If you’re not feeling all the extra trinkets you can purchase the base game, which is currently priced at $29.99.

Wildcard plan on continuing to support Ark after its release in August with additional expansion ARKs, base game additions, new creatures, vehicles, and other mechanics, according to lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz. There’s a whole lot more dino craziness to come as the game leaves its Early Access home, so if you’re crazy about the Cretaceous, you may want to pre-order your copy now.