Super Turkeys are back in ARK, along with a massive patch 252 update

ARK super turkeys

Dinosaur-farming, gun-shooting ARK got another big update as a Thanksgiving present. It adds “savage, blood-thirsty mutant Super Turkeys” to the game’s biomes, who when hunted and killed award special crafting items to create a limited time special headdress. The Turkey Trail has happened before, so there’s some other goodies in there as well. It comes alongside a main patch update that also adds a host of new features.

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Here’s the list of what’s been added:

  • New dinosaurs: Achatina, Megalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Moschops
  • Breeding Phase 3 with random mutations and family trees.
  • CrossARK Transfer: Allows characters to be transferred between expansion and
  • Caves redesigned to look nicer, be better and more challenging. Requires a wipe of current cave structures.
  • Explorer Notes: Two new mythos Explorer Notes for each character
  • Server performance up to 20% faster.
  • Better dino sorting and ordering tools, including new graphics for commands.

The new trailer, above, shows off the dinos, and there’s further details over on Steam as to everything that’s going on.