Arma 3 Community Guide video offers pilot training


Arma 3 is one of the most fiddly games you’ll ever play, assigning every thing you could ever do on foot to a key on your board. You’ll use all of them just to walk ten feet and fire a rifle. But Arma also contains helicopters; one of the most complicated machines on the planet. If you’re new to all this military simulation stuff, you might need some basic chopper training. Thankfully Shack Tactical are here for you.

In their fifth video for Bohemia and Arma 3, Shack Tactical have put together a pretty comprehensive instruction video for helicopters and their weapon systems. Narrator Dslyecxi guides you through take off, manoeuvres, engaging the enemy, and landing. All complicated activities, but you should be able to do it like a vet after watching. Well, you might at least not cause millions of dollars of army equipment damage.

The other four of Shack Tactical Community Guides are available from the Arma 3 Official YouTube channel.