Arma 3 developers arrested on Greek island under espionage charges


Two men claiming to be Bohemia researchers have been arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos on charges of espionage, reports The pair had been skulking around the island’s military bases armed with cameras, filming and photographing the facilities while (presumably) cackling to themselves and swooshing their capes back and forth, stopping occasionally to zap padlocks with their laserbeam wristwatches.

The men told authorities that they’d beenresearching the area for Arma 3, which is set on the Greekislands of Lemnos and nearby Stratis.

Lemnos is the largest game world Bohemia have yet created, covering some 270 square kilometres. The relatively dinky Stratis adds another 19 square kilometres.

You would assume that, by now, the developer had finished the phase of research that involves pointing cameras at sensitive military installations.

Surely, after producing a string of military sims set in real world locations, Bohemia are up to speed on the licenses and permissions needed to photograph and research army bases? Is thisthe result of miscommunication between Bohemia and the relevant localauthorities? Or, more excitingly, perhaps these are genuine spies with cutting edge alibis?

We’ve approached Bohemia for comment.