Arma 3 will be reporting for duty September 12


Everyone on your Steam friends list may be playing it (or even finished with it weeks ago), but Arma 3 isn’t actually out yet. No, sir, that day is reserved for September 12 – the officially announced release date for Arma 3. From that point on, you won’t be in beta anymore, son. 

Despite launching September 12, the game still won’t be complete. Arma 3 is already a year behind schedule (original plan was to release Summer 2012), and now we know that the game will ship sans-singleplayer campaign. Bohemia have assured us all that it will be worth the wait, though.

So until the campaign parachutes in as late to the war as your typical (World War-era) yank, you’ll have to make do with the multiplayer and challenges. But this is Arma 3 we’re talking about, so we won’t catagorise that under ‘bad things’ just yet.

Cheers, Shack News.