Arma 3 Win trailer shows how in war no one really wins


Survive/Adapt/Win, that’s Arma 3’s motto. It doesn’t roll off the tongue but then armies don’t often go in for lyricism, they prefer guns and killing people. There’ll be plenty of that in the concluding part of Bohemia’s miltary simulator’s campaign – guns and killing, not lyricism. (Though, I’m only assuming on the lyricism part, it could all end with a song or go a bit Oh, What a Lovely War.)

Bohemia have published a trailer announcing the release of Win.

There were many a gun to be seen, a tank or two, too, and let’s not forget the burning helicopter. It had it all. Well, except for those much promised musical number.

Here’s a couple to get over that pain:

As well as the expansion Bohemia have let loose a stack of sandbox content, including two new planes, the A-164 Wipeout and To-199 Neophron for the NATO and CSAT factions.

There’s also now a stadium and a hotel on the Altis islands.

You can download the update through Steam.