ARMA 3 is getting more support – jets and tank-focused expansions detailed in dev roadmap

Best tank games: Arma 3

Hardcore military sim ARMA 3 is still getting updates, and developers Bohemia have just released a roadmap for the game’s upcoming content. There’s going to be a bunch of stuff, some of it free and some of it paid, but even the paid stuff will roll out with updates that will improve the base game for anyone who doesn’t want to buy them. 

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ARMA 3 has already been improved a lot since its release in 2013, with karts, snipers, helicopters and more already added to the game. The roadmap for upcoming conent updates should bolster these existing ones, making it the most in-depth military sim in existence.

“Infantry gameplay has long been at the heart of our development,” say Bohemia. “Although it remains the backbone of our sandbox, we also recognise that there are several other avenues to explore. By expanding upon combined-arms content and features, we aim to create fascinating new opportunities for our community, and attract new players looking for a gateway to a massive military experience.”

Here’s what’s planned:

Jets DLC

“Next year, air superiority jets will fight for control over our simulated skies. More details are forthcoming but, for now, we can confirm this package will be supported by a free platform update, with radar / sensor improvements as its stand-out feature. By adding more depth to threat detection and tracking, we aim to improve gameplay across the entire sandbox.”

‘Orange’ DLC

“This year, we opened a new studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With the goal of gradually building up experience, work has started on a small project, codenamed ‘Orange’. While the exact direction isn’t final, we’re very much interested in exploring an interesting and unique perspective on the battlefield. It’s shaping up to be a valuable, innovative addition to the platform!”

Malden Free DLC

“June 22nd, 2017, will be Arma’s 16th anniversary. We plan to mark the occasion with a free DLC, featuring an island familiar to veterans of our series: Malden. Starting out as a small passion project, Malden 2035 re-uses many vanilla structures, vegetation, etc., to recreate this classic terrain. There’ll be an announcement related to this work in the coming weeks.”

Tac-ops DLC

“Later next year, we aim to present players with a package of playable content: ‘tactical operations’ that focus upon challenging, replayable and authentic military gameplay, which makes the best use of our sandbox. This development is an opportunity for us to learn how to continue to support the platform, fund our project, and offer valuable new experiences for our players.”

Tanks DLC

“We round off this roadmap with an ambitious goal: overhauling the experience of armoured combat in Arma 3. This package will follow our well-established model: a set of premium assets, which bring something new to the sandbox, supported by platform improvements and additions for everyone, for free. We encourage our community to share their own wishes on the topic, too!”

All going well, these updates should roll out across 2017.

Additionally,later this year, 64-bit executables will come to the Dev-Branch; work on a full single-player conversion of the ‘Apex Protocol’ co-op campaign is starting soon; Tanoa structures will gradually receive additional ruins / interiors – and its improved audio fidelity will be extended to all terrains.