Arma 3’s Laws Of War DLC lets you experience the messy aftermath of conflict

Arma 3

War isn’t all fun and games, even in a simulation. Arma 3 developers Bohemia Interactive have always tried to portray war as a complex and nuanced undertaking, and hope to take the concept even further in their latest DLC pack for their hugely successful military sim.

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With half the profits going to the International Red Cross, Laws of War lets you experience the game from the perspective of a humanitarian NGO, tasked with cleaning up the dangerous leftovers of war.

The headlining element of Laws of War is a new mini-campaign entitled “Remnants Of War” featuring the IDAP (International Development & Aid Project), a disaster relief group equipped with mine-disposal drones, safety gear, and transport vans in order to ferry them around the massive environments the series is famous for. The DLC also features some unusual features such as air-dropped customisable leaflets that can be delivered by drone, and an included field manual explaining the Laws of Armed Conflict.

Interestingly, Laws of War seems to let you have your cake, eat it, and then asks you to wash up when you’re finished. In order to simulate the cleanup of such ethically questionable weapons such as wide-scale mine dispersal systems and cluster bombs, such elements must be simulated first. These deadly tools of war are now usable in-game and in several different variants, and will undoubtedly see regular and unrestrained use in multiplayer, perhaps muddying the message of the expansion somewhat.

Arma 3: Laws of War is available to purchase on Steam now for £8.99, or as part of the £20 DLC Bundle 2 alongside the Jets, Tanks & Tac-Ops DLC packs.