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While away your PC gaming weekend with Valve’s greatest ever inventions

Weekend Esc Tomb Raider

Valve are good at making games, aren’t they? That might be self-evident to you, but for those introduced to PC gaming within the last five years, Artifact will be their first ever Valve launch.

To celebrate the return of the medium’s most celebrated studio, we’ve pulled together their finest inventions over the years for today’s episode of the Weekend Esc. There will be bold ideas in Artifact, too, like the hero cards that bicker and share stories about the Dota universe.

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Elsewhere in the news, there’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, following the kind of leaks you’d expect from any boat the disaster-prone Croft steps onto. The upcoming game dovetails a new movie, and you’ll find more cinematic crossover in Jurassic Park Evolution – featuring none other than Dr Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum.

This week’s giveaway is a Dawn of War 3 graphic novel – The Hunt for Gabriel Angelos – and a collector’s edition of the party brawler Domiverse. To enter, complete one of the actions in the widget below, or more if you want to improve your chances. We’ll need an email address, but only so we can contact the winner.

Enjoy the Weekend Esc, and remember: life, uh, finds a way.

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