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Satisfactory publisher prepares to launch new roguelike deckbuilder

Satisfactory's publisher is working with former Riot Games and V Rising devs on a new roguelike deckbuilder, As We Descend, in beta soon.

Satisfactory publisher unveils new roguelike deckbuilder: A cartoon woman wearing a large head dress, from As We Descend.

If there’s ever been a time to launch a new roguelike deckbuilder, it’s now. Over recent years, we’ve seen the genre explode in popularity, with games like Balatro, Slay the Spire, and Marvel Snap garnering plenty of acclaim and attention. Now, a new studio formed by veterans of Riot Games and V Rising creator Stunlock Studios, has teamed up with Satisfactory, Valheim, and Goat Simulator dev and publisher Coffee Stain Studios to put together a new take on the genre with the upcoming As We Descend.

As We Descend is a roguelike game that mixes deckbuilding and strategy, and is set in a deadly, miserable post apocalypse where humanity has ventured underground in an effort to avoid extinction. Its creators describe the game’s goal as finding the resources and putting together the allied forces necessary to fight off the monsters that terrorize the human stronghold. These encounters take the form of “challenging turn-based combat [which] will require strategy and card drafting skill, as players build their forces with unique units, each with their own cards and capabilities.”

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It’s the debut project from Box Dragon, which was founded by Kevin Chang and Karl Bergström, who come from Battlerite and V Rising creator Stunlock Studios. Box Dragon is working with former environment concept and senior character artist at Riot Games Aleks Nikonov on As We Descend.

As We Descend is currently set to offer a closed beta, which you can sign up for right here. Its Steam page is also live now, and you can check that out over here.

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