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Valheim has competition in new Steam survival game, beta coming soon

If the wait for Valheim Ashlands has got you down, this new Steam survival game, which also features Vikings, is exactly what you need.

Valheim has competition in new Steam survival game, beta coming soon: A pale woman with silver, tied-back hair and heavy eyeliner, a black tattoo covering her right eye, holds a torch standing in a blizzard, eyes wide

The early months of 2024 have seen a barrage of weird and wonderful survival games, from breakout hit Palworld to the mysterious Enshrouded. Nightingale is also out in the world, putting a classier spin on the beloved genre, while rumors of Valheim’s highly anticipated Ashlands update whisper away on the wind. Concrete release information for the latter, though, is sorely lacking, so while we wait for the next chapter of Iron Gate Studio’s Viking saga, I’d advise checking out the Aska beta for some Nordic action.

Aska, like Valheim, is a Viking survival game that thrusts you into a stunning world where magic and mystery lurk around every corner. You’ve been gifted the Eye of Odin, a powerful artifact that’ll help you carve your own slice of Nordic paradise – but you’re not alone.

At every turn you’ll be backed by your tribe, a collection of NPCs that you can train up in myriad different disciplines. Teach them to harvest, or rally them for war; you’re in charge. However, I’d urge you not to be too cruel, as your villagers have their own independent needs that you’ll need to balance perfectly in order for your settlement to thrive – and survive.

If you’d rather venture into the wilderness with some friends, though, the game allows you to band together in parties of four and take on the creatures that lurk in the shadows. Aska promises to pit you against “a variety of mythical enemies,” and if the towering giant we see in the trailer and artwork are anything to go by, I reckon it’ll deliver.

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If all of that sounds right up your alley, the Aska closed beta will be running from Monday, April 15 to Sunday, April 21. All you have to do is wishlist Aska on Steam before Friday, April 5 to be in for a shot, and you can join the official Discord to keep up to date with all of the latest info.

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