Assassin’s Creed IV trailer waxes nostalgic about piracy’s heydey


Time was being a pirate meant you could be the definition of sartorial cool from the ears up in exchange for the odd buckled swash. No longer. These days you’ll be lucky to have a weevil in your ship’s biscuit for company while you wait for Rainbow Six to roll in and shoot you in the head.

One thing’s for certain: the golden age of pirating is over. At least until Assassin’s Creed IV goes gold, that is. Corroborating evidence below decks.

Let’s go over those back-of-the-box features again:

  • Betrayal
  • Mutiny
  • Cruelty
  • Debauchery

I’m not quite sold on Ubi’s enthusiastically-painted portrayal of pirates as liberated romantics. And I’m struggling to make the leap between the likes of Blackbeard and the guy in white robes who jumps off buildings onto strangers’ backs, just like his ancestors did. But cor – did you hear the bit about seamless sailing and island exploration?