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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag sails in with slow-motion bar brawl and ship battle


It’s a pirate life for Edward Kenway. He sailed into E3 today with a bar fight, a ship battle, some swashbuckling, and of course some plundering. Black Flag is going to be the scurviest game you’ve ever played. 

The pre-rendered cinematic featured plenty of Zack Snyder-style fast-slow-fast motion fighting, with mugs-of-grog-cracking-skulls a-plenty. After stealing something precious from the corpse of his victim, Kenway flees port with his ship, only to be hunted down and engaged at sea by a poncy-looking chap in a wonderful coat. Being a mighty pirate Kenway fends him off with cannons and sword, surviving to sleep another night. Or not, since he spends it admiring his new loot: a jewel (drop of blood?) cast in a clear cube. Unknown to him, Edward is being watched by the crew of the Delicia.

Ubisoft also kindly dropped an in-game trailer showing off some of the Carribean locales of the game, along with some breif combat and whale shots. The game promises to embody everything the life of a pirate represents: freedom, rebellion, and exploration. The free-roaming seamless world will offer underwater shipwrecks, Myan temples, hunting grounds and towns to explore and stab your way through.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is out October.