Assassin’s Creed Origins has spontaneous gang fights

Assassin's Creed Origins desert

Assassin’s Creed Origins has gang warfare. There are factions of NPCs with rival agendas, and should they come across one another, a fight might spontaneously break out.

Here’s everything we know about Assassin’s Creed: Origins so far.

“There are quite a few different factions in the world, and keep in mind that these factions are really living in the world,” creative director Ashraf Ismail told Games Radar.

“We don’t have anything that is a spawned event, you know, ‘because you’re 50 metres away we’re going to spawn this fight here for you.’ These are NPCs that have a schedule, that have an agenda, that criss-cross paths, and if they happen to be enemies they’ll fight, if they happen to be allies they’ll hug each other. So this is really the world living.”

We don’t know masses about Origins’s story yet, but we know protagonist Bayek is the last of an Egyptian military order called the Medjay, a hero in his hometown, but looked down on by those loyal to more modern Greek influences. Since the game tells the story of the foundation of the Assassins’ Brotherhood and looks certain to revisit the series’ themes of ideological conflict, I suppose a system of rival gangs makes sense, though personally I’m getting a bit worried about feature bloat.