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Assassin’s Creed movie sequel reportedly being developed, because of course it is


Of course there’s an Assassin’s Creed film sequel in the works. C’mon, did you ever doubt the film version of Ubi’s historical hitman series wouldn’t share the games’ love for regularly trotted out follow-ups? Reports suggest Hollywood is already getting its concealed blades all excited about doing a sequel to the upcoming Michael Fassbender flick, despite the pesky fact the first movie isn’t out yet. 

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If The Tracking Board is to be believed, New Regency is “officially underway with plans” for another Assassin’s Creed movie, and the studio will apparently work with Fassbender through DMC Films to produce said sequel. The site also claims Jean-Julien Baronnet from Ubisoft Motion Pictures and big time Hollywood producer Frank Marshall will be involved. The latter executive produced Arachnophobia, which makes him all sorts of rad in my book.

To wind the stabby clock back a tick, the first Assassin’s movie is due out on December 21st, after filming wrapped back in January. It sees Fassbender play hooded hunk Callum Lynch; a dude who possesses ancient assassin’s memories as he makes a trip to 15th century Spain. Though the game isn’t directly based on any one game from the series, Ubisoft have confirmed it does at least take place in the same extended universe.

Anyone reckon there’s a chance either of these celluloid Assassin’s efforts won’t be utterly, utterly awful?

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