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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has a 2.37GB day one patch

Assassins' Creed Syndicate Day 1 patch

Alternate heading: Guess Why I’m Not Playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Right Now. Ubisoft’s latest cloak-and-dagger open world requires a bit of extra attention after the 37GB pre-load, it seems, in the shape of a 2.37GB patch. However, with reports circling prior to launch of an enormous 18GB day one patch, the reality isn’t is annoying as it might have been.

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The game’s console launch was accompanied by two day one patches, v1.10 and v1.11. I’m as yet unclear which version my PC copy of Syndicate has just been patched to (live reporting!), but I’ll be delving into a lot more detail in our Assassin’s Creed Syndicate PC port review later today. Part of me is really hoping that bug that destroyed everyone’s faces in Unity has returned, but that’s mean-spirited.

While I tinker with AA options and shadow quality, here’s the list of changes the two day one console patches brought in, via Ubi’s own changelog:

Version 1.10

### Stability & Performance

*Improved performance and stability

### Audio

*Fixed some persistent SFX during gameplay

*Fixed wrong audio files that were played

### Vehicles

*FIxed issues where the player could get stuck between the train and the train station platforms

*Fixed a camera glitch when the player was in a vehicle

*Fixed loading issues with vehicles

*Fixed collisions issues with other vehicles

*Fixed navigation issues on vehicles

### AI/NPC

*Fixed issues where NPSs may have problems with their animations

*Fixed issues where the NPSs might have the wrong reaction

*Fixed navigation issues with the NPCs

*Fixed an issue in the mission “A night to Remember” where the Royal Guards cannot be killed after being affected by a voltaic bomb

*Fixed issues where NPCs may get stuck

*Fixed an issue where crowd of NPC would spawn after having the game left idle for more than 30 minutes

*Fixed som other NPC spawn issues

### Game System

*Fixed issues with some trophies

*Fixed issues on save/load

*Fixed an issue where doors can be lock picked without previously aquiring lockpick II skill

*Fixed issues where items/mission would not unlock after completing the conditions

### World/3D/Menu/HUD

*Fixed texts issues

*Fixed issues with props in the world

*Fixed an issue where changing the menu language will reset all options settings

*Fixed issues where the menu/progression log was not matching the actual progression

*Fixed issues with icons and FX being missing or misplaced

*Fixed Animus Mission Debriefing messages showing when they should not

*Fixed issues when entering/exiting the map menu

### Fight

*Fixed issues where the animation would not fit the weapon/reaction

*Fixed offset animation on moving platforms

*Fixed issues with the multi-kills

*Fixed camera issues while fighting

*Fixed an issue where the main character’s weapons disappear after a finisher move if he or she was in stealth prior to the fight

### Mission

*Fixed an issue where some of the Blighters are not in the Gang Stronghold area

*Fixed issues in cinematics where the player or some props were offset or missing

*Fixed issues with the objectives

*Fixed issues with fast travel

### Behavior

*Fixed navigation/parkour issues on specific spots

*Fixed camera issues when navigating

*Fixed some NPC interaction issues

*Fixed issues where the player would be able to use tools when he or she shouldn’t

Version 1.11

### Stability & Performance

*Improved performances and stability

### Audio

*Fixed audio missing at the beginning of the introduction cinematic of the “Strange Bedfellows” mission

### World/3D/Menu/HUD

*Fixed an issue with water visual effects on boats and barges

### Fight

*Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the player was unable to attack after pressing a button during combat

### Mission

*Fixed an issue where a de-synch loop could happen in the “Change of Plans” mission durring the escape part of the mission

*Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck if they de-synched just after assassinating Lucy Thorne in the “A Thorne in the Side” mission

### Behavior

*Fixed navigation/parkour issues on specific spots