Assassin’s Creed Unity unlocks all golden initiates chests during companion app holiday maintenance

Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Chests

Ubisoft have had to temporarily put their web-based companion experience to Assassin’s Creed Unity, AC Initiates, under a “continued state of maintenance”. While it won’t affect players ability to play the PC game, it would inhibit their ability to unlock lucrative gold Initiates chests that are dotted around Paris.

All is not lost though. Foreseeing this problem, Ubisoft have gone and made all the cold Initiate chests accessible to all, for the entire period the maintenance is in effect. So if you want to go and get your hands on their contents, without having to trawl through the companion app, now’s the time!

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed community manager, EscoBlades, broke the news on the Unity forums. “We have taken the decision to place AC Initiates in a continued state of maintenance during the holiday period.” stated EscoBlades. “The reasoning for this is to minimize the effect from outages to your experience during this time, as well as to allow us work on ensuring the technical stability of the platform.

“Although AC Initiates will be in maintenance and thus unavailable to access via the web or console browsers, all gold Initiates chests are now unlocked in game for online players.”

Just remember, you’ll still need to be online to access the now lockless chests. While there was no specific date given as to when the AC Initiative maintenance would finish, Ubisoft have claims that this will remain in effect over the “holiday period”.