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Wrap your head around simultaneous turn-based combat in Atlas Reactor, out now

Atlas Reactor released

Imagine a competitive version of XCOM, but where players execute their moves at the same time: that’s Atlas Reactor. Here you have to second-guess every move your opponent might make, because that safe spot could no longer be safe when you’ve chosen your moves and the action resumes. 

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“Atlas Reactor is the culmination of ideas coming from a passionate group of gamers who wanted to create a smart, new kind of competitive game that we ourselves wanted to play,” said Peter Ju, executive producer of Atlas Reactor. “We hope players around the world will find that the game combines some of the best elements of high-stakes gaming into a fast-paced, frenetic yet strategic competitive experience. I couldn’t be more proud of our team!”

For those familiar with the beta, a new Freelancer (hero) called Juno joins the game at launch, along with a new map that has players battle around a reactor core. In total there are currently 21 Freelancers and four maps.

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As for other features, Atlas Reactor is the first game to feature fully integrated Discord voice chat, activated via an in-game client “We’re excited that Trion chose to work with Discord for Atlas Reactor’s in game voice and hub for its player community,” said Stanislav Vishnevskiy, chief technology officer at Discord. “It’s an amazing, competitive game and adding quality voice will make it even better.”