Watch us make ‘simultaneous turns’ even more complicated than they sound as we play Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor let's play

‘Turn-based’ is a pretty well understood concept in gaming. I go, then you go. Then I go again. Rinse, repeat, wash, and go.

For Trion Worlds, that’s all a bit simple. So instead of sticking with the ‘one then the other’ formula, they’ve decided to let everyone play at once. The crazy anarchists.

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Atlas Reactor is a team-based tactics game in which all the participants stack up their actions across different pre-movement phases, and then all hell breaks loose. You might lay a trap and then duck for cover just as someone unloads a rifle blast at your previous location, all while a similarly convoluted dance of death occurs on the tiles right next to you. It’s fast, tense and, yes, a tad confusing

It’s also loaded with scope for clever play, and looks gorgeous – sort of like an isometric Overwatch, but played out on a futuristic chess board. Now there’s a selling point. Oh, and it’sfree-to-play, in case you fancied a go.

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Anyway, enough of this. We’ve played it, we’ve enjoyed it, we’ve done made a video of it. And you can see said video above.

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