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Free games: Win a Steam key for reverse-XCOM strategy game Attack of the Earthlings!

Attack of the Earthlings

XCOM but you play as the aliens. This is the idea behind Attack of the Earthlings, a turn-based strategy game with an added helping of both stealth and dark comedy to mix it up. Want to win a copy? Keep reading and you’ll be able to to below. 

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The recent XCOM games have worked to make you feel bad about humans – specifically, the ones in your squad, who you tell to attack the invading aliens, and often end up getting killed. Attack of the Earthlings flips that around so that, this time, the humans are invading their galactic space and must be stopped with whatever gross alien method suits you.

The idea is to move your squad of aliens around the harvesting hub of Galactoil, a company that spares no expense in taking as much energy from the universe as they can, drilling into any planet that looks worthwhile. You hop aboard and aim to take out the employees.

Playing as an insectoid species called Swarmers, you’re able to set up traps, hide in vents, take control of humans, and attack in groups. The corpses you create can then be consumed and turned into new units with specialised roles and unique abilities. Yummy.

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