Avalanche “thrilled” with Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod


Just Cause 2 is about as much fun as you can have without using a baking tray. That’s not my opinion it’s been scientifically proven. The Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, well, that was a game-changer. It allowed over a thousand players to swarm the vast island of Panau to fight, race, and perform oddities. Avalanche, the developers of the game, wholeheartedly approve of this tomfoolery. They even sound like they wish they’d made it.

Talking to Gamespy, Avalanche’sfounder Christofer Sundberg said when he found out about the modhe “was thrilled! It is fantastic what the team has done.” And that ”
We’ve always wanted a multiplayer version and we’ve always had plenty of ideas of what we would like to do.”

Why haven’t they done it before then?

“Multiplayer modes are expensive, time-consuming, and complex, and it all has to make sense financially and work for the best of the game,” said Sundberg. We can see that in the mixed results of the mod. It has managed to get hundreds of players in a server together but it’s struggled to create a coherent world. Bullet hits don’t register, people glitch in an out of objects, some folk fly. I mean, just look at this:

Although Sundberg won’t say whether the studio is working on a sequel to the much-loved sandbox game, he did emphasise the studio’s love for the Just Cause franchise. Make it soon Avalanche, and make it so we can play with our friends.