It’s taken four years, but bloody RTS brawler Aztez is finally here


Aztez has launched on PC, Mac, and Linux, over four years after it started development.

Set in the Aztec empire, Aztez is described by developers Team ColourBlind as a “unique hybrid” of beat ’em up and turn-based strategy.

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Wondering where the word Aztez comes from? Yep, me too. Turn out that’s the name given to your elite warriors. There’s a limited number of them, though, so balancing offensive and defensive manoeuvres is key, requiring “all of your skill and cunning to take them on and change the course of history…”

Fought entirely in real-time, the campaign is procedurally generated, which means each battle will differ, no matter how often you (re)play it.

To celebrate, Aztez is available with a 10% discount until August 8, 2017, dropping the price to £13.49 / $17.99.