Babylon’s Fall launches as Steam’s 4,894th biggest game

You can't say NOBODY wanted Babylon's Fall, because at least 650 people were playing it on Steam today

A monster in Babylon's Fall

Babylon’s Fall, the latest collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games – the same combo that brought us the likes of Nier: Automata – is here, and the hype… is basically non-existent. The world of online gaming discourse is cruel at the best of times, but gamers have had some particular antipathy towards Babylon’s Fall, and the numbers on Steam have not been good.

Babylon’s Fall is officially out today at a price of $59.99 / £59.99 / €69.99, following a few days of early access to players who picked up the $99.99 / £94.99 / €109.99 deluxe edition. The game’s concurrent Steam player count peaked at 650 shortly after launch. According to SteamDB, that makes it the 4,894th-biggest Steam game of all time, though it’s technically tied with a game called War Planet Online: Global Conquest.

In comparison to other questionable Square Enix releases, Babylon’s Fall compares favourably to The Quiet Man, which hit a peak of 127 concurrent players, and Balan Wonderworld, which reached a record of 124. (Before you make your Avengers joke, it reached a solid 31,265 concurrent players at launch.)

Steam reviews for Babylon’s Fall currently sit at a middling ‘mixed’, with negative reactions to the game’s graphics, controls, and aggressive monetisation practices.

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