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Back 4 Blood is “here to stay” after the devs get acquired by Tencent

Tencent buys the Left 4 Dead creators, but the buyout "will have no effect" on Back 4 Blood

The cast of Back 4 Blood prepares to enter a secured door

Chinese conglomerate Tencent already owns a sizable chunk of the international game industry, and today it’s picked up a little bit more. The megacorporation has announced its acquisition of Slamfire, Inc., the parent company of Turtle Rock Studios. Turtle Rock is the studio behind Back 4 Blood, Evolve, and the original Left 4 Dead.

“Turtle Rock will become part of Tencent, while retaining its independent operations out of Lake Forest, CA” as explained in a press release. Co-founders Phil Robb and Chris Ashton will continue to lead the studio. “The acquisition will have no effect on Back 4 Blood”, which is published by WB Games.

“We get to do something we have never done before as a studio: turn a universe we created into a true long-standing AAA franchise,” the devs say in a message to fans. “We can now ensure that the Back 4 Blood franchise is here to stay and we will be working on it well into the future.”

This year has seen Tencent make investments in Don’t Starve developer Klei, Life is Strange developer Dontnod, Arma developer Bohemia, Alan Wake and Control developer Remedy, Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic, and The Medium developer Bloober Team.

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