Back to the Front: the first Company of Heroes 2 trailer


Come September, the time between the original Company of Heroes and the release of the second game will be longer than the war they’re set in: WW2 lasted six years and one day, but gamers will have to wait longer than that to strategically block the Nazis’ assault on Russia Company of Heroes 2. Time to appease you with a new trailer, telling the background of the game’s setting.

Roughly 26 million Russians perished on the Eastern Front, which is where you’ll be plopping down soldiers and tanks in Relic’s sequel. The stats here are rather terrifying, amd I’ll let you absorb them through the wizzy CGI, but what’s scarier is it appears to be narrated by Johnny Cash’s ghost. How did they manage that feast of necromancy?

So, no footage but some food for thought. Is your brain sated, or would you like some afters? We have a dollop of dessert for it: a first look at the game, right here. We expect it’ll be out in 2013.