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All Backpack Battles recipes list

Complete with a Backpack Battles recipe tier list, our guide will tell you which items to combine to get the best weapons, armor, and items.

Backpack Battles all craftable items: these are the items you can obtain through recipes.

What are the best Backpack Battles recipes? This overview of all Backpack Battles recipes will help you find the best item combinations. In strategy game Backpack Battles, you can link certain items together to create a more powerful item. The only problem? The game won’t reveal the recipes until you’ve crafted the item. As combined items are usually stronger than default items, you can use this Backpack Battles list of all recipes to find every combination and improve your chances of winning. We’ve also included a Backpack Battles tier list for every item obtained through recipes, so you’ll know which ones are the best.

Combining items in Backpack Battles is quite simple. If two items in your possession are compatible, you’ll see a blue glowing line when hovering over them. To combine these two items, place them next to each other in your backpack, which will spark an orange glowing line. Win a battle while the connected items remain in place, and the Backpack Battle recipe is complete. As soon as you return to the preparation phase of the roguelike game, you’ll find the new item in your backpack.

Backpack Battles recipe tier list

Tier Recipe
S Gemstones, Lucky Piggy, Platinum Customer Card, Ice Dragon, Crossblades, Bloodthorne, Holy Spear, Fortuna’s Grace, Staff of Fire, Vampiric Gloves, Strong Heroic Potion
A All Rainbow Gooberts, Light Goobert, Obsidian Dragon, Ruby Chonk, Hero Sword, Shovel, Double Axe, Manathirst, Falcon Blade, Darksaber, Tusk Piercer, Belladonna’s Whisper, Belladonna’s Shade, Burning Blade, Frostbite, Eggscalibur, Pandamonium, Sun/Moon/Corrupter Dragonscale Armor, Sun/Moon Shield
B Legendary/Epic Goobert, Magic Staff, Staff of Unhealing, Hero Longsword, Molten Spear, Flame Whip, Poison/Spectral/Bloody Dagger, Burning/Magic Torch, Vampiric Armor, Cap of Discomfort, Stone Helm, Strong Health Potion, Strong Pestilence Flask, Mana Potion
C All other items

This Backpack Battles item tier list only ranks craftable items, which are typically stronger than default items. A C-tier ranking therefore doesn’t mean the item is bad; it just doesn’t stand out as much as some of the stronger options.

Despite taking up a lot of space, many Pets and Gooberts find themselves quite high on our Backpack Battles recipe tier list as they typically come with strong buffs or stamina-free attacks. Together with items that grant bonuses upon return to the backpack menu, such as the Lucky Piggy (extra money), they’re usually a solid choice.

Backpack Battles crossblades item: one of the highest-tier weapons in the game.

If you truly want to dominate the game though, focus on getting the best recipe-based weapons. The Hero Sword is an amazing recipe for early-game, as it’s super easy to craft and opens the path to even stronger weapon recipes in the future (such as Hero Longsword and Falcon Blade). Vampiric Gloves and the Strong Heroic Potion made it to S-tier because of their ability to speed up item effects and recover stamina respectively. Especially the latter is incredibly handy as you’ll often find yourself with amazing weapons but not enough stamina to trigger them consistently.

Although we consider the recipe items on this Backpack Battles tier list to be the best, keep in mind that it’s always a bit situational; some items aren’t that great on their own but work well with specific setups. And even if a Backpack Battle item recipe is ranked low, it can still beat most default shop items in early game. It’s therefore wise to take a good look at the full list of Backpack Battles recipes shown below and try as many as you can.

Backpack Battles Neutral recipes: all craftable items that aren’t class-exclusive.

All neutral recipes in Backpack Battles

Some Backpack Battles recipes can only be obtained by specific classes, but most recipes are of the ‘neutral’ type, which means that anyone can create them. Here’s an overview of all neutral recipes in Backpack Battles, divided by item type:

Backpack Battles recipes – neutral weapons

  • Shovel (Rare melee weapon): Pan + Broom.
  • Eggscalibur (Legendary frying pan weapon): Pan + Heroic Potion.
  • Pandamonium (Legendary frying pan weapon): Pan + Corrupted Crystal.
  • Magic Staff (Epic mana weapon): Broom + Mana Orb.
  • Claws of Attack (Epic): Gloves of Haste + Walrus Tusk.
  • Torch (Rare melee weapon): Wooden Sword + Lump of Coal.
  • Burning Torch (Epic Heat weapon): Torch + a source of fire (such as Burning Coal, a Pet like Ruby Whelp, or even a Ruby Egg).
  • Magic Torch (Legendary mana weapon): Torch + Mana Potion.
  • Poison Dagger (Epic poison weapon): Dagger + Pestilence Flask.
  • Bloody Dagger (Legendary Vampirism weapon): Dagger + Blood Amulet.
  • Spectral Dagger (Legendary Mana weapon): Dagger + Mana Orb.
  • Hero Sword (Epic weapon): Wooden Sword + Whetstone x2.
  • Hero Longsword (Legendary weapon): Hero Sword + Whetstone x2.
  • Falcon Blade (Legendary weapon): Hero Sword + Gloves of Haste x2.
  • Crossblades (Godly weapon): Hero Longsword + Falcon Blade.
  • Manathirst (Legendary weapon): Hungry Blade + Mana Orb.
  • Bloodthorne (Godly weapon): Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip.
  • Darksaber (Godly weapon): Lightsaber + Corrupted Crystal.
  • Holy Spear (Godly weapon): Spear + Glowing Crown.

Backpack Battles recipes – neutral armour and shields

  • Spiked Shield (Rare): Wooden Buckler + Walrus Tusk.
  • Moon Shield (Godly): Mana Orb + Shield of Valor.
  • Moon Armor (Godly): Mana Orb + Holy Armor.
  • Gloves of Power (Legendary): Stone Skin Potion + Gloves of Haste.
  • Stone Armor (Legendary Spike armour): Stone Skin Potion + Leather Armor.
  • Stone Helm (Legendary): Stone Skin Potion + Cap of Resilience.
  • Vampiric Gloves (Godly): Blood Amulet + Gloves of Haste.
  • Vampiric Armor (Legendary Vampirism armour): Blood Amulet + Leather Armor.
  • Corrupted Armor (Godly): Corrupted Crystal + Holy Armor.
  • Cap of Discomfort (Legendary): Corrupted Crystal + Cap of Resilience.

Backpack Battles recipes – neutral potions, accessories, and pets

  • Higher-quality gemstones: combine two gemstones of the same type (same colour) and rarity to get a stronger one. A ‘perfect’ gem can’t be improved any further.
  • Bunch of Coins: Piggybank + Hammer.
  • Burning Coal (Rare gemstone): Lump of Coal + a source of fire (such as Burning Torch, a Pet like Ruby Whelp, or even a Ruby Egg).
  • Platinum Customer Card (Epic accessory): Customer Card + Customer Card.
  • Strong Health Potion (Epic potion): Health Potion + Healing Herbs.
  • Mana Potion (Epic potion): Health Potion + Blueberries.
  • Strong Stone Skin Potion (Legendary potion): Stone Skin Potion + Stone x2.
  • Strong Heroic Potion (Legendary potion): Heroic Potion + Banana.
  • Heart of Darkness (Godly Accessory): Heart Container + Corrupted Crystal/
  • Steel Goobert (Legendary Pet): Goobert + Hero Sword.
  • Blood Goobert (Legendary Pet): Goobert + Blood Amulet.
  • Light Goobert (Godly Pet): Goobert + Lightsaber.

All class-limited recipes in Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles has four different classes, each of them with a bunch of exclusive crafting recipes. Depending on the class you’re playing, here’s an overview of all Backpack Battles recipes you can follow.

Backpack Battles ranger recipes: all craftable items exclusive to the ranger class.

Backpack battles ranger recipes

  • Fortuna’s Grace (Luck Bow): Bow and Arrow + Lucky Clover x2.
  • Tusk Piercer (Spike Bow): Bow and Arrow + Walrus Tusk.
  • Belladonna’s Whisper (Poison Bow): Bow and Arrow + Pestilence Flask.
  • Fortuna’s Hope (Luck Shortbow): Shortbow + Lucky Clover x2.
  • Tusk Poker (Spike Shortbow): Shortbow + Walrus Tusk.
  • Belladonna’s Shade (Poison Shortbow): Shortbow + Pestilence Flask.
  • Critwood Staff (Legendary Staff): Magic Staff + Acorn Collar.
  • Lucky Piggy (accessory for money and Luck): Piggybank + Lucky Clover x2.
  • Carrot Goobert (Epic Pet): Goobert + Carrot x2.
  • Rainbow Goobert Megasludge Alphapuddle (Godly Pet): Normal Goobert, Carrot Goobert, Light Goobert, Steel Goobert, Blood Goobert.

Backpack Battles Reaper recipes: all craftable items exclusive to the Reaper class.

Backpack battles recipes – reaper

  • Strong Pestilence Flask (Legendary poison potion): Pestilence Flask + Fly Agaric.
  • Strong Demonic Flask (Godly lifesteal potion): Demonic Flask + Corrupted Crystal.
  • Strong Mana Potion (Legendary mana potion): Mana Potion + Cauldron.
  • Strong Vampiric Flask (Godly vampirism potion): Vampiric Potion + Cauldron.
  • Strong Divine Potion (Godly debuff-cleansing potion): Divine Potion + Cauldron.
  • Staff of Unhealing (Godly weapon with healing ability): Magic Staff + Demonic Flask.
  • Ruby Chonk (Godly Pet): Ruby Whelp + Holo Fire Lizard.
  • Ice Dragon (Godly Pet): Ruby Whelp + White-Eyes Blue Dragon.
  • Poison Goobert (Epic Pet): Goobert + Fly Agaric x2.
  • Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime (Godly Pet): Normal Goobert, Poison Goobert, Light Goobert, Steel Goobert, Blood Goobert.

Backpack Battles Pyromancer recipes: all craftable items exclusive to the Pyromancer class.

Backpack battles recipes – pyromancer

  • Frozen Buckler (Epic ice shield): Spell Scroll Frostbolt + Wooden Buckler.
  • Ice Armor (Epic): Spell Scroll Frostbolt + Leather Armor.
  • Frostbite (Legendary ice weapon): Spell Scroll Frostbolt + Hungry Blade.
  • Molten Dagger (Heat melee weapon): Dagger + Flame x2.
  • Molten Spear (Heat melee weapon): Spear + Flame x2.
  • Burning Sword (Heat melee weapon): Hero Sword + Flame x2.
  • Burning Blade (Legendary Heat weapon): Burning Sword + Whetstone x2.
  • Flame Whip (Legendary Heat weapon): Thorn Whip + Flame x2.
  • Staff of Fire (Legendary Heat weapon): Magic Staff + Draconic Orb.
  • Sun Armor (Godly): Holy Armour + Flame x2.
  • Sun Shield (Godly): Shield of Valor + Flame x2.
  • Obsidian Dragon (Godly Pet): Ruby Whelp + Draconic Orb.
  • Ice Dragon (Godly Pet): Ruby Whelp + White-Eyes Blue Dragon.
  • Chili Goobert (Epic Pet): Goobert + Chili Pepper.
  • Rainbow Goobert Epicglob Uberviscous (Godly Pet): Normal Goobert, Chili Goobert, Light Goobert, Steel Goobert, Blood Goobert.

Backpack Battles Berserker recipes: all craftable items exclusive to the Berserker class.

Backpack battles recipes – berserker

  • Double Axe (Epic melee weapon): Axe + Axe.
  • Chain Whip (Legendary melee weapon): Thorn Whip + Forging Hammer.
  • Busted Blade (Godly melee weapon): Impractically Large Greatsword + Forging Hammer.
  • Dragonscale Armor (Epic): Leather Armor + Forging Hammer.
  • Dragon Claws (Epic): Gloves of Haste + Forging Hammer.
  • Dragonskin Boots (Epic): Leather Boots + Forging Hammer.
  • Armored Power Puppy (Godly Pet): Power Puppy + Forging Hammer.
  • Armored Courage Puppy (Godly Pet): Courage Puppy + Forging Hammer.
  • Armored Wisdom Puppy (Godly Pet): Wisdom Puppy + Forging Hammer.
  • Cheese Goobert (Godly Pet): Goobert + Cheese.
  • Rainbow Goobert Deathslushy Mansquisher (Godly Pet): Normal Goobert, Cheese Goobert, Light Goobert, Steel Goobert, Blood Goobert.

That concludes our guide to the best Backpack Battles recipes and craftable item tier list. Looks like you’re more than ready to jump back into the incredibly popular indie game hit and win some battles! Should you ever wish to give the backpack a break though, take a look at the best auto battlers and auto chess games to play right now.