Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to support cross-platform co-op


There are few games that pluck the nostalgia-nerve (it’s rather large, and if you look at it too long everything goes into soft focus) as hard as Baldur’s Gate. Specficially, playing Baldur’s Gate with my friends during lunch break, or morning break, or after school. Or during school. We were indiscriminate co-oppers. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, the HD remake of Black Isle’s most famous, is going to be an indiscriminate co-opper too, but for different reasons. The game is coming to iOS, Android and PC, and all of them will be able to play together. With each other.

This is according to a tweet from Trent Oster, the Creative Director of the project, and spotted by Joystiq, which states: “[Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition] will have co-op multiplayer and will work across platforms. iPad can play with Android, Mac and PC. On happy gaming family :-)”. Which has me immediately wondering whether certain formats would be better suited to different classes. iPad favouring the glamour and glitz of the mage classes, perhaps dual-classing into a thief, just so you have enough money to keep buying them, where the Android is the stalwart druid, championing all that is free. PC, naturally, is a warrior. Or a Paladin. Or a necromancer. Depends on your PC, really, what with them being oh-so configurable and open and wonderful.
At the moment it’s looking like the game will be released in September, although that might not be for all formats. We’ll keep you posted.