Batman: Arkham Knight delayed into 2015. Batmobile video makes the wait harder

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And just when you thought the streets would be safe, Rocksteady have delayed the release of Batman: Arkham Knight from October till sometime in 2015. It’s like they want hordes of gamers out in the city starting trouble instead of staying safe at home playing their game.

To make the wait even harder to bear they’ve released a new trailer, one that breaks down the armaments of the Batmobile.

While the Batmobile appeared in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City it wasn’t drivable. The vehicle’s going to be a core part of the new game, both as a means of getting about the city and incapacitating Gotham’s thugs.

Somehow, despite being loaded up with rocket launchers and machine guns, the Bat won’t be breaking his no-killing policy. Apparently the car only fires bullets and explosives at drone enemies, for all the fleshy chaps you come up against it switches to stun weapons.

You won’t be able to run people down either, instead a line of tasers around the car stops anyone getting too close to the Batmobile.

It looks to be a pretty darn cool bit of tech and it makes it all the harder to think we’ll now need to wait till 2015 to hop into the drivers seat.

Cheers, Eurogamer.