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Batman: Arkham Knight will have a seamless Gotham with no loading screens, Riddler Challenge Tracks

Batman Arkham Knight Riddler Challenge Tracks

Batman: Arkham Knight is just weeks away, and developer Rocksteady is gradually feeding us with more and more information to crank up the excite-o-meter. The newest details reveal that the open world Gotham in Arkham Knight is completely seamless with not a loading screen in sight. 

New Riddler challenges will also come in the form of race tracks, which will test your driving abilities rather than your brain power. 

The episode of Arkham Insider above shows off lots of Batmobile footage, including both ‘combat’ and ‘pursuit’ modes. The chunky tank-like Batmobile has a huge variety of gadgets and weapons available, and can climb the walls of Gotham’s drainage tunnels to help evade obstacles and threats. These abilities will come in handy in the Riddler Challenge Tracks, which swap the Riddler puzzles from mind-melting stationary conundrums to something a lot more destructive and faster-paced.

Also revealed in the video is the fact that Gotham is without loading screens. This is partially thanks to rendering the entire game in real-time and in-engine, so there’s no need to load in cut-scenes. This has the knock-on effect of meaning your Batman will always wear the costume you’ve selected, rather than swapping out to the ‘canon’ suit during cinematics.

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