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Batman Arkham Origins E3 trailer features of many of the Dark Knight’s closest friends


Being the first game in the Arkham series not developed by Rocksteady – Batman Arkham Origins is in the untested hands of Warner Brothers Montreal – there’s a lot of pressure to show the game will be a worthy successor to its excellent forebears.

As such the new trailer shows Batman doing what he does best, getting into scrapes with a multitude of his most famous enemies.

We’re starting to get a better picture of what Batman Arkham Origins will be bringing to the table. It seems that the action will take place over the course of a single night, with a $50m bounty out on the bat’s head, every two-bit hood in Gotham is trying to bring in the pointy-eared crimefighter. It’s not just the low level villainy that have been drawn out of the woodwork, though. No, The Joker, Deadshot, Bane, Posion Ivy, they’re all going to take a shot at The Bat.

It’s an excellent premise but story’s never been the major draw of the Arkham games, it’s the perfectly constructed combat mechanics – every punch, kick, and combo has a real sense of force behind it. If Warner Brothers Montreal want to take on the mantle of the series they’re going to have to get that right.

At least now, with a release date of 25 October, we can start counting down the days till we find out if the developer is up to the task.